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Incinerator Ikan Invasif
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21 Jan 2021
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Specification of Incinerator Ikan Invasif

Incinerator of Invasive Fish

Type: Incinerator Horja HI D 30

Accommodator: 30 kg / batch

Equipped with Retaining Heat Part and Raticolo Horja

Type of Trash: Medical Trash, Hospital Trash, Puskesmas Sampah, Health Clinic Clinic

Operating Hours: 8 Hours per day

The minimum waste calorie value is 5,600 kcal / kg

Waste Water content: maximum 15%

Density / Weight Type of garbage: 1 to 1.15

A. Main Section (Main Agency):

Volume of the Burn Room

First Burning Room: 0.74 m3

Second Burning Room: 0.27 m3

Operating Temperature On Fuel Room 1: Minimum 800 Deg C

Dimensions of Fuel Room

First Burning Room: pxlxt = 800 x 870 x 1070 mm

Second Burning Room: pxlxt = 499 x 505 x 1070 mm

Operating Temperature In Room Burn 1: Min 1000 Deg C

Equipped with Maintaining Heat Part, Peep Hole

Has Mixing Room: 499 x 250 x 1070 mm

Main Space of Furnaces:

- Wall: 4mm Carbon Steel Plate

- Floor: 4mm Carbon Steel Plate

- Thickness of Flange Joint: 12mm

- Port Burner thickness: 6mm

- Frame: CNP 80/50, other elbows and Pipes

- Padeyes: Carbon Steel Plates: 10 mm

- Paint: Epoxy Paint for Carbon Steel Material 60μ DFT

Air Pressure in the Furnace: Negative Pressure

Incinerator Size (Main Unit): 175.2 x 120.8 x 121 cm

b. Exhaust Channel:

Material Ducting Muffler: 2mm Stainless Steel

Exterior circle with Calcium Silicate 2.5 cm

The final cover of aluminum clading is 0.6 mm

c. Air Pollution Control (APC):

- Type: Wet Water Scrubber

- Equipped with raticolo horja

- Body Scrubber Material: Stainless 304 2mm and 3mm

- Material Structure: Light Steel / Carbon Steel

- Wet Water Scrubber System: Cyclon

- Scrubber Size: 760 Dia x 3600 mm

- Nozzle Sprayer Dust Catcher: 1/2 "

- Water Flow rate for spraying: 8,000 liters / hour

- Water Circulation Tub: 2400 x 1200 x 800 (By Civil)

d. Chimney:

Material: 2mm lightweight Stainless Steel

Size Chimney: He's 300 mm

High Chimney from Land: 14 meters

Equipped with a sampling hole: Pipe Dia 2 ½ "

Location of Test Sampling Taking Hole: 8DE / 2DE

Equipped with Sampling Platform and Handrail

Buffer Structure:

Material: Carbon Steel Plate, Elbow

Height: minimum 5.8 meters

Ladder: Elbow 50 x 50 x 5

For Stack available wire sling stiff 3 sides

e. Refractory / Insulation / Fires of Fire / Castable:

Walls and Plenum Burn room clothing:

- RockWool: minimum density 50 kg / m3, length 2.5 cm

- Ceramic Fiber Density 20 kg / m3, weight 2.5 cm

- Fireproof Brick: SK 34, 11.5 cm

- Furnace Floor: Insulation Brick and Fireproof Resistant SK 34

- Burnert Port and Exhaust Collar: Castable CAJ 14

f. Burner

Type of Fuel: Pertamina Diesel

Type of Burner: Diesel Oil Burner

- Burner Fuel 1: Kinds of guns averaging 100 kW

- Burner Room 2: The average gun type is 70 kW

Solar Fuels Consumption: Average 17 Liter / Hour

Fuel Oil Tanks:

- Tank Tank: minimum 250 Liter

- Tank Material: Carbon Steel Plate 2 mm in diameter

- Equipped with Level Indicator and Drainage


- Galvanize Pipe diameter SGP ½ inch, Valve and Fitting

g. Air Blower

Air Blower Type: Centrifugal

Air Blower Material: Metal

Air Blower Size: Suction 3 "

h. Electrical and Instruments:

Min Electric Power Requirement: 1600 Watt / 220 Volt / 1 Phase

Control System:

- Auto Panel, Automatic Control Panel

- Thermocouple Type K 1200 DegC 3 units

- Equipped with Limit Switch to open the door

I. Waste / Waste Feed Systems

Wrapped garbage inserted into combustion chamber 1: Manual

Lots of garbage loaded:

- The maximum volume of 1/3 of the contents of the combustion chamber 1

- Does not spread the weight capacity

- Solid waste should be smaller particles

j. Dust Collecting System

Ash: about 10% depending on the solid content

Abu Spending System: Manual

Equipped with a paculite tool

k. Incinerator Operator Technician Requirements:

- Certified by KMU Horja

- The operator has passed the training

- Number of Operators: 1 person

Equipped with:

- Helmets, Shoes, Uniforms, Funnel Masks, Gloves

l. Protective Buildings (No schools) Civil Works.

Land Usage:

- Main Unit (Main Part): 5,51 mx 4,71 m

- Chimney: 2 mx 2 m

- Water Circulation Tub: 2.4 x 1.2 x 0.8 m

Total Weight: ± 7,496 kg

J. Optional / not included (can be purchased):

- Glass Waste or Glass Waste Crusher

- Thick Plastic Crusher and Needle Syringe

- Thin Plastic Waste Counting Machine / sheet

Incinerator Machine

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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